Bracketcounter unofficial unconfirmed!!1!

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Bracketcounter is not avaliable because the voting period is finished, it will be back when TPOT 2 is out!
In the mean time (SPOILER WARNING) check out the below stats to see who might be eliminated in TPOT 2. (not 100% confirmed because vote counts have a margin of error, Bracketcounter is unofficial and not perfect!)
As usual, I remind you that vote counting methods (including these graphs) are never 100% reliable and when the gaps are so close they are not reliable indicators of who is eliminated.

Episode stats

Note: these use my unofficial data and in close races they may not represent the official outcome. The episode numbers used here are the voting periods: for example the BFB 19 data is collected from the comments on the BFB 19 video, for the contestant who was eliminated in BFB 20.